Visiting the Amalfi Coast with your partner IS EVEN MORE ROMANTIC! The view from the crystal clear waters makes you feel like as if you have already arrived in paradise! Relaxing days aboard, sailing along the coastline, the bays and the beautiful beaches, admiring the typical houses of the Amalfi Coast.. The history and tradition of the marine villages can be experienced during our trips, walking in the shade of the narrow alleys, enjoying the colours and perfumes of each fascinating place. We offer a completely personalized package for your wedding. Our international partners will guide you in the choice of every detail for your special day. Imagine, alone, in the middle of the sea, between the waves and the sky. Looking at the splendour of a sunrise or enjoying the green crystal clear waters of the seashore and the indigo waters offshore at sunset. Our staff are available for every kind of request in order to make your memories unforgettable.