Salerno to Capri

“Silver and stone is your dress, as soon as the blue flower opens embroidering the hairy mantle with its light blue blood”

Pablo Neruda, The grapes and the wind, 1954

Choose the comfortable boat tour and the land excursion to visit the historical and natural beauty of Capri. Beloved by authors and poets, Capri is a real muse that enchants people with its authentic atmosphere of a real volcanic island. Included in the top ten Travellers’ Choice Islands Awards for being one of the most popular islands in the world, Capri has always fascinated people through the centuries for its charm and beauty. You will discover the marvel of its rough cliffs; from our boats you will be fascinated by the grandeur of a land when wind and waves are silenced, by the beaches and natural caves, by the romantic views, and the impressive “Faraglioni”. The famous small square “Piazzetta” with its ancient style invites you to stroll through the craftsmen’s boutiques, discovering the small local streets. Capri is situated overlooking the sea, characterized by elegance and haute cuisine, with its famous lidos and local chefs enticing tourists with authentic and traditional recipes.

Departure at 10:00 (or depending on customer needs) from the port of Salerno (or from other parts of the Amalfi coast where it is possible to board).
The return to the Salerno base is scheduled at 17:00.
Night Hours:
Sunset 16/20
Night 18/24