• What are your origins ?

My maternal et paternal origins come from Agerola. A small village of AmalfiCoast which has long been part oft he Province of Salerno. And which then Belonged tot he province of Naples given ist proximity. A small village rich in culture and gastronomy and that weh ave been able to get to know since childhood thanks to our school holidays and our family.”

  • Terra Mia, where did this project come from?

The project «Terra Mia» has been very fast. I already had Casa Nostra and the owner of the restaurant next door (whom I knew very well), could not find  a tenant and therefore asked me what could be done. And after losing my dad, this «Terra Mia» was a way of honoringhim, something for him, to give him back everything he taught me at the level oft he earth, the productsby highlightinhthat in his last name. Died in 2017, the decision was taken a few months after. I felt to do it, I had to do it.

  • Il Sud, what does it represent for you?

It represents my origins, a heritage, a culture, a history.There is a cultural history. The Romans and the Greeks are things that have interested me since I was little. At the world leveé, The Unesco heritage which is in the South of Italy, at the musical level with Naples which after the 2nd World War was exported by the Americans, also the pizza.. The South form e is a source of pride and also to be able to promote it on a daily basis.

  • How did you get to Switzerland? Do you miss Italy?

Switzerland because quite simply I was born there. We are 4 brothers and sisters all born in Switzerland. When we were little we always spoke italian and Neopolitan. The family, cousins were always nearby, the school holidays always in Italy and the traditions maintained (like killing the pig at Christmas) allowed us to grow on both fronts. Today, despite the passport and residence  permit, I feel good in my two country.

  • What are your core values for you and how do you convey them on a daily basis?

The respect. But the real one, the heart and center of the word «respect». Who starts with respects for tohers ans who is in everything we do. Edonism which ist o try to always have somethiing that makes us happy in order to forget the problems.For example if during the morning it seems that everything is going wrong, to believe that something great will change the day. One of the best value to have nowadays.

  • Your philosophy of life?

“I can’t remember who wrote this sentence in a book I read long time ago « An useless life is an early death». I can’t argue about it. We make choices in our life to make it useful.”

  • Your best meal at the restaurant?

My best dish, the emblem of the culture and neapolitans taste is the « Pizza Margerita » . It’s not only for the taste or whatever else, but it’s the most iconic. The simplicity ; tomato sauce, mozzarella, pasta and basilic… the smell that comes from this pizza. We say that the most complete meal is composed by a Pizza Margerita and a beer…