Direction Capri

About us

Our passion for the sea is as big as….the sea itself! Our passion and respect meld together and become a friendly approach intended to enhance the local heritage. We experience the Amalfi Coast since we were young and we grew up following the path of “the old men of the sea”, we acknowledge what does the sea represent: strength and kindness at the same time, human approach and awareness, sensitiveness towards it. Thus Direction Capri was born and today it is a real project. We want to offer a new way of experiencing the sea, in the absolute safety and comfort, highlighting the stunning view of the coast and the sea, capturing the excitement of the Amalfi Coast made of nature, welcome and food. That is why our partners are locals, craftsmen and professionals, people who live their land with a spirit of commitment and passion in order to share the simplicity and the warm welcome of the South.

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